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Services Offered


Cost Control and Budgeting is often one of the least well understood aspects of the construction process for owners. Drexler Companies, Inc. has the expertise to help you develop a realistic budget based on your goals and to help you maintain control of costs throughout the construction process.


We will work with any cities county or state agency offering incentives toward your project.

Permit Process Management

We would work with the architect to expedite the permitting process.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is an organized effort directed at analyzing the function of construction systems, equipment and supplies for the purpose of achieving the required function at the lowest overall cost consistent with the requirements for performance, reliability and maintainability.


Supply consultation during the project development stage. Schedule and attend regular meetings with the owner and the architect during the development of conceptual and preliminary design.


Advise on site use and improvements, selection of materials, building systems and equipment. Provide recommendations on construction feasibility, availability of materials, and time requirements for installation. In addition, we will advise on alternate building methods and construction factors including savings associated with value engineering.


Develop a master schedule that coordinates and integrates design efforts and owner review of the construction schedule. Update the project schedule incorporating a detailed schedule for the construction operations, sequences and durations, processing of shop drawings, samples, delivery of long lead items and owner requirements.

Construction Planning

Recommend for purchase the procurement of long-lead items to insure their delivery by the required date. Review the drawings and specifications with the owner to eliminate areas of conflict and overlapping in the work to be performed by the various trade contractors.


Continuous on site project supervision and coordination of subcontractors and materials. Schedule updates and on site owner/ architect meetings.

Develop Trade

Develop subcontractor interest in the project as working drawings and specifications are completed; take competitive bids on the work of the various trade contractors. After analyzing the bids, either award contracts or recommend to the owner which contracts to be awarded.

Turn-Key Project Delivery

Upon completion, an owner’s representative will be oriented to mechanical equipment operations and maintenance. Various systems operations and information centers, including a project owner’s manual.